Salacca Fruit / Snake Fruit
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Salacca type : Pondoh
Location : Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Capacity : +/- 60 MT per Month
Area : 110 Hectares

Name: Salacca Fruit / Snake Fruit
Scientific Name: Salacca zalacca
Origin Java, Sumatra, Bali
Colors Brown to orangey-brown, yellow
Shapes Sub globose to ellipsoid drupe, 15–40 per spadix,

measuring 5–7 cm by 5 cm, tapering towards base

and rounded at the top.

Flesh colors White
Taste Sweet and slightly acidic
Calories 368 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Iron (48.75%)
Vitamin B2 (15.38%)
Vitamin C (9.33%)
Carbohydrate (9.31%)
Calcium (3.80%)
Health benefits -Cure Nearsightedness

-Maintain Stamina

-Promote Overall Body Health

-Control Blood Sugar Level

-Helps in Weight Loss

-Memory Booster

-Maintain Cardiovascular Health,

-Good for Stomach

-Eye Medicine

-Good for Pregnant Women

-Combat against cancer

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